Welcome to Zarzar Psychiatric Associates, PLLC

Important Notice: We are in the process of closing our doors and are no longer seeing patients 

As was stated in our closing letters which were sent out to our patients several months ago, our practice is closed to patients effective December 31st, 2018. Also stated in our closing letters, we recommend that you continue your care with another clinician.   

There are several options available to you:

· You may contact your insurance company for a list of providers (for Medicare https://www.medicare.gov/physiciancompare/)

· Visit the North Carolina Psychiatric Association website at https://www.ncpsychiatry.org/find-a-doctor

· Visit the North Carolina Medical Board website at www.ncmedboard.org and search using the "Look up a doctor tool.”

Contact Us


If you need to submit a request for medical records you may email the provider you used to see:

Dr. David Zarzar, MD    dpzarzar@zpapllc.com

Dr. Michael Zarzar, MD   mzarzar@zpapllc.com

Dr. Nicholas Zarzar, MD   nszar@zpapllc.com

Alice Colbert, LCSW   acolbert@zpapllc.com

Mary Spencer, MN RN CS   mzarzar@zpapllc.com

The new fax number is 844-425-9215

Release Form from ZPA, PLLC (pdf)


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