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 We make every attempt to answer phone calls during business hours, between 8am and 6pm Mondays thru Thursdays, and 8am and noon on Fridays.  Calls are answered by an automated voicemail attendant during the lunch hour between 12 and 1pm and after noon on Fridays.  Because we receive a large volume of calls each day, there are times during business hours when the automated voicemail attendant answers.  The automated voicemail attendant also answers after-hour, weekend and holiday calls.  

  If your call is answered by the Automated Voicemail, please listen carefully to the list of options from which to choose.  If your call is not an emergency, enter the extension of the party you are trying to reach and your call will be immediately forwarded.  We make every effort to return calls in a timely fashion.  

  The providers generally have very full schedules and are not always readily available by telephone for non-emergency calls.  They do check their voice mail and will return your call as quickly as possible.  Please consider whether your issue needs to be discussed with your provider, or if someone else may assist you, or if it can wait until your next appointment.  

 Emergency Calls

If your call is an emergency and has been answered by the Automated Voicemail please press 1 and you will be forwarded to the emergency voicemail box.  If your provider is not immediately accessible, one of our other providers will answer your call.  One of the physicians is on call 24 hours, 7 days a week.  Please leave a brief message and your phone number.  Please remember to unblock your phone number if you have call block. 

  If you do not receive a call back within a short period of time, please call again. Please remember that the emergency call system is for emergency situations.  If you are not sure if your situation is an emergency, please call.  


Dr. Michael Zarzar        111  

Dr. Nicholas Zarzar       120  

Dr. David Zarzar            119  

Ms. Mary Spencer         112  

Ms. Alice Colbert           117  

Main Office:  919-278-2041

Facsimile:  919-278-2042 

Automated Voicemail

If your call is answered by the Automated Voicemail please listen carefully to the list of options from which to choose.  You may enter your party's extension, and your call will be forwarded right away.  Below is a list of our current extensions. 


Emergency Calls                                Press 1  

Doctor or Hospital Calls                 Press 2 

Directions/Address/Fax                  Press 3  

Scheduling                                           Press 4 

Prescription Refills                           Press 5 

Office Manager                                   Press 6 

Billing and Insurance                       Press 7  

Medical Records                                 Press 8 

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